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Corn of the Suzuki farm is very sweet brand corn cultivated in "daketiku" of the halfway up a mountain of Mt. Iwaki-san (meters above the sea level 1,625m). The harvesttime (from August to September) of the corn in "daketiku" has the heat and cold gap of morning and evening more than 10 degrees and brings about a feeling of appetite and the best over-optimism that this climate did angrily. Furthermore, it is evaluated the cultivation with the organic fertilizer as the cooking ingredient which is relief / security a low pesticide at the Suzuki farm because I perform it. I circulate as a high-quality cooking ingredient to a high-quality cooking ingredient specialty store and a high-quality restaurant. While the gas flushing article is coolness of the early morning when corn gives a sugar content, it is popular with the condensed refined tastes that seem to be high quality corn soup in what pack the thing which I harvested.

Corn particularly premium production

The corn produced at a Suzuki farm is harvested and belongs under a craftsman のてによって quality rank immediately, and it is distributed. The evaluated article is differentiated from the normal article in these by the best rank. It is cooked immediately and becomes the article of the gas flushing in a fresh state. The article of the gas flushing is offered as a high-quality cooking ingredient as Suzuki farm premium corn at a present / a high quality restaurant. I become the volume of production-limited product. It is one year in the expiration date.

An article of 2008 becomes sold out.
I become business about premium corn of 2009.


The one desired please refer for the handling of the production premium corn by an email especially. Please inform it of the following contents on the occasion of an inquiry. I do not perform the direct sale to the personal one.

* A company name / a store's name
* An address
* The person in charge name
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